Quartz is an assembly, and thus offers a vast choice of colours and patterns. Its ease of care, colour uniformity and durability are but a few of this material’s advantages.

In the bathroom, you will appreciate Quartz counters’ resistance to humidity. In the kitchen, stain, acidity, shock and heat resistance will assure you a beautiful counter for years to come.

   • no sealant required • less prone to stains • antibacterial •  highly durable • scratch and heat resistant

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Quartz is not a porous material, and as such does not require any sealant. To preserve its lustre and shine, simply clean it with soap and water. We recommend you avoid abrasive cleaning agents and remove all soap residues with a damp cloth.

Although Quartz is heat and stain resistant, it is always recommended that you wipe any spills and that you use a trivet for warm containers. By following these precautions, your Quartz countertop will remain beautiful for years to come.



Given its assembly, it is possible to find various colors of Quartz. If you are looking for originality, go for a colorful counter which will surely impress!

We work with quartz from Terrastone, MSI Stone, Radianz, Hanstone and Caesarstone.



White kitchens are in. To get this look, there is nothing better than the Quartz Calacatta Botanica: a rich white with a minimal marbled effect which adds a nice dimension to your work surface. A timeless favorite!

The various choices on our website are a small sampling of the colours we have in stock. If you are looking for a colour that is not shown, please contact us and we will inform you if it is available and if so, provide you with photos.